WagginWheels Unit #2 is up and running! Call or text 306-270-9634 or email deenna@WagginWheels.ca for your appointment!

Why WagginWheels?

Most pets experience anxiety and stress before, during, and even sometimes after a visit to a grooming shop.  While waiting to be groomed, pets are usually crated - sometimes for hours.  In addition, pets may be exposed to the smells, noises, parasites, infections, diseases and aggression of other pets.

WagginWheels Mobile Pet Grooming is perfect for:

     • Pet owners who lead busy lives and appreciate the convenience of a service that comes to them
     • Retirees and seniors
     • Pets that experience car sickness or anxiety
     • Pets with health conditions where elevated stress can cause harm
     • Those who simply believe that their pet deserves exclusive, top-quality service

Go Mobile!

WagginWheels Mobile Pet Grooming operates in a customized, climate-controlled salon that comes to your home or business - at your convenience! Your pet receives exclusive, one-on-one care by a certified professional pet groomer in a clean and relaxed environment.

Knowing your pet is well cared for means less worry for you!

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