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WagginWheels offers a professional pet grooming service that comes to your doorstep. Our customized, state-of-the-art mobile trailer or truck arrives with all the tools needed to fully service your pet's grooming requirements with an emphasis on health, safety and the comfort of your pet.

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Current Services and Rates

Estimates only. (01/10/2016)
Small   Large
WagginWheels "Brush n Bath"    
      Includes a tidy of the face, feet (nails), ears, bum and groin + a salon bath and blow dry:
      Short-haired  $45 $60 - $80
      Poms/Long-haired Chihuahuas/Yorkies $50  
      Eskimos $60  
      Keeshonds/Shelties $60-$70  
      Shepherd X/Husky X   $70 - $90
      Springer Spaniels   $80 - $100
      Retreivers/Setters/Shepherds     $90 - $120
      Rottweilers   $125
      Collies/ Huskies     $100 - $120
WagginWheels "Salon Clip"    
     Cut-down of coat PLUS services listed under "Brush n Bath" (above): $60 $70-$100
      Cocka-Poos $65
      Cocker Spaniels $75   
      Double-coated $60 $90 - $120
WagginWheels "Specialty Clip"    
      Poodles $70 $90 - $100
      Schnauzer/Scottish & West Highland Terriers $70
      Cocker Spaniels $100  
      Wheaton/Airdale Terriers   $90 - $120
      Comb-out & Dry Shampoo $60  
       Lion Cut $75  
      Aggressiveness +$10   
Nail Trims    
      Nail trims will be scheduled between existing appointments and therefore can receive  an earlier booking:
      Dogs   $15 $25
      Cats   $15  



WagginWheels will add a $20 Mobile Service Fee to all appointments in Saskatoon and $25 to $30 for appointments outside of Saskatoon (depending on the distance/time needed to travel). For example, a "Salon Clip" for a small dog in Saskatoon will cost $60 + $20 = $80 + GST.

WagginWheels accepts cash or credit.

Additional charges may apply if your dog requires extra time and attention due to coat problems (matted or felted hair), health problems, skin conditions, or overly excited or aggressive behaviour.  To ensure the safety of your pet and the groomer, it is the responsibility of the owner to fully disclose any health or behaviour issues concerning your pet prior to the start of the grooming process.

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